Cover Lifters

atlas-cover-lifters-logoFrom cabinet mount assist covers to cabinet free covers, our spa cover lifts allow you to safely secure your hot tub when not in use. What’s more, our hot tub cover lifters are exclusively designed for Arctic Spas hot tub covers, so when you’re ready to get back in – regardless of the time of year – there’s no waiting at all.

Easy access, little required maintenance, comprehensive function – Arctic Spas hot tub cover lifters have it all!

Spa Cover Lifters & Hot Tub Cover Lifters

Simply the Best Way to Control Your Arctic Spas Hot Tub Covers

Once you purchase your new hot tub we have several different styles of cover lifters for our hot tubs and spas. The easiest to install and least expensive is the cover shelf. It doesn’t even require mounting to the hot tub cabinet! Just slide the base under the spa when empty. This innovative design utilizes the weight of the water and hot tub to secure the supports in place. Then, slide your folded hot tub cover out onto the support bars to create a handy shelf for your towels, drinks and other items.

Complement your hot tub cover lift with our exclusive Cover Saver, which prevents extra weight on the center of your cover. This center of a cover lift can be vulnerable to additional weight, whether it’s from snow, load shifts or standing. For structural integrity that’s unrivalled, the Cover Saver is a great way to strengthen your hot tub cover lifter while also adding extending the life of your hot tub or spa cover lifer.

Strong wind gusts can cause damage to your hot tub cover lift, but the Arctic Spas Cover Lock provides an additional measure of safety and security. Made with all-stainless steel for rust-free longevity, our Cover Lock is ultra-easy to install and is the perfect method for keeping your spa cover lift intact and in proper working order.

Every hot tub cover lift we sell is designed for flawless performance, exceptional value and the quality you’ve come to expect from Arctic Spas.

Our hot tub cover lifters are just one of the many product categories we offer at Arctic Spas. With a complete line of accessories to choose from, you’ll find everything you need – and even a few things you want – to ensure that your Arctic Spas hot tub remains the focal point of you and your family’s leisure lifestyle for years to come!

If you’d like to see our spa cover lifts, find an Arctic Spas dealer near you and our associates will be glad to help you. Thanks for stopping by our online store, and make sure you check out our hot tub filtration systems, steps and bars, handrails and more!